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Let physics phenomenon be used ultimately

Let physics phenomenon be used ultimately

Technology is the way of human nature


AI Pattern

To meet modern requirement in all field


Usual living Style

To act as rotinue live



To work on special detail demand.


Wide Range Usage

Diversity models for the most of   the field.

About us

Dongguan Zongzhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, development,   production and sales of micro-air pumps,   micro-water pumps,micro-vacuum pumps,   micro-liquid pumps, micro-solenoid valves,   micro-water valves and micro-electromagnets. The company was founded in 2012, and the technical team own at least 8 years of work experience in this field. The advanced idea has created many of the individal patent products. Zongzhi Electronics Tchnology treat the quality as the key factor of the enterprise growth.   

It is therefore company owns experienced technical team,   advanced equipment and professional quality control system. From design,   raw material procurement, and production of finished products all conducted strict testing for reliability. We always keeps the "quality first, customer first"   concept for operation. Customer base always lead us make innovation creation continously and present the most satisfy products with the most considering mind. Our goal is: to provide you with qualify quality products and full time follow up service!

Quality Is The Matter!

12 years experience just enough for us to
treat that quality issue would be the core
value of our company. From tooling to
176 processes of the assembly and 68
check points are all the same as ever, and
for the future also!
Professional Design Team

We own experienced engineer to conduct    the morden products creation. We               continously fresh our mind for designing      just for more convenience and safety usge
from your point of view.

Quick Response on After Service!

None of your contact information shall
miss! Prompty reaction is our principle and
follow-up with warm heart aiways bear in
our mind.

Contact us
Please tell me what you need.
+86-135 3067 3266
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